About PM • Risk Crisis Change

Focused entirely on crisis

PM • Risk Crisis Change makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage and learn from disruptive events. We provide consultancy, training, acute support and research in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

From the moment we were involved as advisors in the crisis management and crisis communication of a major gas explosion in Belgium (2004), PM has been building its unique integrated offer of activities and services exclusively focused on crisis and resilience in the face of disruption.

Below are some examples of the numerous cases during which we provided consulting services to management teams of organisations that were hit, involved or impacted. Due to the confidential nature of our work we can’t provide details, but some cases we share via our blog and newsletter, while other cases play a part in our research activities.


Brussels Attacks on the 22nd of March

Derailing train filled with a chemical substance

Explosion of a high pressure gas pipe

Food recalls

Floods and storms

Fire in a nuclear reactor

Soil and groundwater contamination

Plastic waste in waterways

Intentional physical harm and murder


Terror level 4 during the Brussels Lockdown

Wide spread cyber attacks

Major layoffs and social unrest

Tax evasion (such as Panama Papers)

Acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcy

Bribing of government officials

Blackmailing campaigns

Protests against management and board

Financial fraud such as phishing

Of course there is much more to a crisis than handling it in the acute phase. Next to our acute crisis consulting and Quick Launch capacities, over the years we have built a range of services related to preparing for crisis, recovering from them, learning from them, etc. Our services are rooted in practice, as well as in science, thanks to a decade worth of research activities, a part of PM we are particularly proud of and which in 2020-2021 lead to our own full-fledged research division. From there we develop new high quality and high impact activities for our clients.

PM • Risk Crisis Change as a company consists of a robust, flexible and competent core team supplemented with specialised partners from the PM Faculty. We hold our network in high regard and value them for their management skills,  expertise, scientific background, network, teaching qualities and their motivation for making the world a better and more resilient place.

CrisisSuite PM • Risk Crisis Change

PM is a Certified Reseller for Merlin’s CrisisSuite software in Belgium

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PM is a member of IAAPA, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

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PM is a member of CCNE, the Crisis Communications Network Europe