We provide consultancy, advice and support in all phases of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

Acute crisis consulting

We walk the talk. When a crisis situation hits, expected or unexpected, avoidable or inevitable, our agency is organised in such a way that we focus on helping you act and respond. In a kind of co-pilot role, we help you take the matter into your own hands. As your organisation is expected to turn its crisis preparedness knowledge and skills into practice in difficult circumstances, a helping hand is going to be welcome. Have us on speed dial.

Allround crisis support

Thanks to our multi-disciplined and generalistic core team and specialised Faculty experts, our support is integrated, covering all things crisis, from crisis operations to crisis management, from crisis communication to crisis governance and stress management.

Extra reassurance via PM’s Quick Launch

With some clients we make Quick Launch agreements as part of their crisis preparedness, so that maximum and immediate availability from PM advisors is ensured. New clients are also helped immediately with short term advice or reinforcements, based on a first quick assessment.

Individual coaching

No two challenges are the same. Doesn’t that also count for organisations or the way they ought to prepare for a crisis? We offer tailor-made coaching trajectories for individuals or small groups looking for support in reaching a specific objective. In a world full of wicked problems, count on one of PM’s experts and take the time to discuss a perfect fit for the current needs of your organisation. We become your coach, personal advisor, trainer, soundboard, trustee and biggest supporter.

Crisis preparedness scan

Not having a clear picture on your crisis preparedness status can be detrimental when a crisis inevitably happens. But how to assess crisis preparedness? What are the various crisis preparedness activities? Where are all your training and exercises heading to, and do these actually boost crisis preparedness? But most importantly: what should you do more of and what can you do better? PM’s crisis preparedness scan helps you gain a common picture and understand your level of crisis preparedness.

CrisisSuite software

Crisis mode! People everywhere in your organisation are doing their best to limit the consequences. How do you ensure that you stay on top of the situation? How do you alert and inform all those involved timely and adequately? How do you keep an overview of the decisions made and actions taken? CrisisSuite is an online software application (SaaS) by Merlin. The tool helps you manage the impact of a crisis. PM • Risk Crisis Change is Merlin’s partner for advice, integration and training in Belgium.