For individuals or small groups looking for support in reaching a specific objective, we offer tailor-made coaching trajectories. Have you have been assigned to draw up a crisis (communication) plan? Do you want to develop an effective training plan for the crisis management team? Or do you want to deepen your understanding of all things crisis to benefit your career? Coaching might be the perfect solution for you to reach your objective.

During coaching trajectories, we embark on a journey together that consists of a carefully developed blend of courses, trainings and exercises. After considering your objectives, your coach will draft a coaching plan and will keep in close contact with you throughout the process. They will act as an advisor, trainer, soundboard, trustee and your biggest supporter.

What others have to say

[Our collaboration] was very interesting. I  learned that crisis management can really work in all sectors, thanks to well-thought-out processes. What also pleasantly surprised me was that crisis management is so closely aligned with the PDCA circular process of ISO. Lastly, I particularly appreciated the fact that you freed up some of your time to give me a bit of training in crisis management. Thank you for that!

– QHSE Officer of an multinational producing sustainable productivity solutions, whom we coached in writing an integrated crisis management plan and get it ISO-certified in a few months time

Why coaching?

Geared towards your objectives

We coach with your objectives in mind and work towards them together, increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals successfully.

Increased level of engagement

We coach individuals and small groups. One-on-one feedback and lots of encouragement makes coaching highly engaging.

Safe space to gain perspective

You can trust a coach, and you can most certainly trust us. Our regular meetings are a safe space to talk through challenges you are facing.

Deeper level of learning

Coaching takes learning to a level beyond remembering and understanding. Application with real impact is the end goal.