Prepared for your next crisis? — PM makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage crisis situations. We provide consultancy, training, advice and support in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

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We offer a full range of services to build high levels of crisis awareness and preparedness in every level of your organisation.

Advice & Support | Read more
PM provides knowledge, expertise, skills and support to manage and communicate during acute and smouldering crisis situations. Our approach is devoted to returning to normality as soon as possible with minimal operational and reputational damage.

Training & Exercises | Read more
During in-company training sessions and various types of exercises, PM teaches crisis teams relevant and necessary theoretical and practical insights. Occasionally we organise open training sessions, Master and Expert Classes.

Work Areas

From protecting the organisation’s strategic intent to operational response in the field, the five work areas in our integral approach enable an organisation-wide perspective on crisis preparedness and resilience. Our framework activates every level of your organisation to build the right capacities and competences, not only to detect crises, but also to avoid them, handle them efficiently when they turn up unexpectedly, or even turn some crises into opportunities.


Our integral approach to crisis preparedness situates our six work domains on the multiple layers of your organisation.

The outer ring represents the comprehensive range of services provided by our agency.

Strategic Intent | Read more
We see crises as permanently ‘incubating’ events which pose a threat to your organisation’s various strategic intents.

Resilience | Read more
Building competences and capacities as a starting point for protecting the strategic intents from small and large crises.

Crisis Management | Read more
The overarching work domain invoking policy, business continuity and organisational impact.

Crisis Intelligence | Read more
Improve coordination and decision making by using large amounts of available data.

Crisis Communication | Read more
Strategic approach to the complex yet crucial interactions with stakeholders before, during and after a crisis.

Operational Crisis Response | Read more
High level response teams on the field, reducing damage and preventing the crisis from escalating any further on an operational level.

About Us

We are on a mission to improve crisis preparedness on four levels: individual, team, organisation and society. Every day our team members are involved in numerous activities related to crisis management that range from training, teaching, researching and writing to applying our practical expertise and scientific insights in acute real life situations. We are specialised in the coordination and execution of crisis management strategies that integrate the policy making process, strategic crisis communication and the coordination of operational response actions. Our goal is to prepare organisations for crisis management, and above all help them face crises with our advice and support!

PM was founded by Stijn Pieters and Dr. Hugo Marynissen in 1999 as a full-service communication agency specialised in crisis communications. Together with Tim Van Achte they decided to focus entirely on integrated crisis related services after being involved in the crisis management and crisis communication of a major gas explosion in 2004. Robbert Meulemeester joined the team in 2016, Wim Uyttenhove in 2017, Julien Draillard Losada and Dr. Mike Lauder in 2018.

The PM team invests a lot of time, energy, and means in executive and specialised education. We believe the best way to serve our clients is turning peer reviewed, state-of-the-art scientific research into practical frameworks and applicable methodologies. PM brings together high level competent steering teams that group experienced members of our team with experts in the client’s organisation, complemented with preferred partners and specialised freelancers for each project. We hold our team members, partners and freelancers in high regard and value them for their management skills, relevant expertise, scientific background, comprehensive network, teaching qualities and their motivation and personal belief in making the world a better and more resilient place.

All PM team members understand the culture of different countries, sectors and organisations. Most of our experience has been in the following sectors: energy, chemical, industrial, health, food, transportation, finance, governments, and authorities.

Dr. Hugo Marynissen
Dr. Hugo Marynissen

Senior partner PM

Stijn Pieters
Stijn Pieters

Managing Partner PM

Robbert Meulemeester
Robbert Meulemeester


Wim Uyttenhove
Wim Uyttenhove

Senior Advisor

Tim Van Achte
Tim Van Achte


Julien Draillard Losada
Julien Draillard Losada


Dr. Mike Lauder
Dr. Mike Lauder



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Over the years, PM has gained experience in a large number of sectors (such as energy, chemical, industrial, health, food, transportation, finance, governments and authorities, etc.) during both physical and non-physical crisis situations.

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