Is all ever under control?

Getting crisis done

Name a sector and we probably handled a familiar crisis in that field together with clients. We get things done: over the years PM turned countless projects, trajectories and plans into actual lasting impact, business continuity, damage and lives saved for hundreds of organisations.

All things crisis

We believe to truly master all things crisis. Because our passionate minds handle crisis every day of the year. And because we fuse hands-on practice with conducting our own academic research. Not only is PM driven by knowledge, we also actually drive the knowledge.

Bespoke crisis actions

As your organisation is unique, so should be our collaboration. Should you plan, prepare, learn, practice, or perhaps improve your detection of “near misses”? Who should you involve, and what should you prioritise? In a world full of wicked problems, count on PM’s experience, research faculty and global expert network. Let’s define the best way forward and create a perfect fit for the current needs of your organisation to make it more crisis prepared and resilient.

Rock in the surf

A crisis simply does not care about nine to five. When the unexpected hits, we will be there to support you, our client, on the spot. As the rubber meets the road, a co-pilot is invaluable. To make all preparation activities worthwile, and to have enough people in the team for all tasks at hand. In times of crisis, we organise ourselves as an emergency service: always prepared to give our focus to a client in need, and to practice what we preach.

PM • Risk Crisis Change

PM • Risk Crisis Change

PM makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage and learn from disruptive events.

We provide consultancy, training, acute support and research in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

Integrated crisis support

Before, during and after

Director’s Cut

Every two months, our managing partner Stijn Pieters takes over this section to share three best picks.

Together with the PM team and Faculty I selected my current three most valuable insights, web pages, new publications, blog articles or news items from the fascinating world of crisis at PM and beyond. Enjoy!

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