Thuline Formesyn

Thuline Formesyn

Advisor & Trainer

Thuline Formesyn is a junior crisis advisor and trainer at PM. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Security from University College VIVES Kortrijk and a Master’s degree in Security Sciences from the University of Antwerp.

Thuline’s interest in crisis management was sparked by several internships and an Erasmus program in Denmark (Working in Context of Conflict and Disaster). Her expertise lies in emergency and intervention planning, and integrated crisis management with a particular focus on crisis communication.

Thuline’s primary responsibility is to provide practical methodologies to individuals, groups, and organisations through training, education, and gaming simulations. Her ultimate objective is to equip people with easily applicable crisis management techniques, both in crisis mode and routine mode.

In her leisure time, Thuline enjoys listening to LPs and playing board games.

+32 476 30 93 38

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