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Robbert Meulemeester

Robbert Meulemeester is a crisis advisor and strategist who specialises in integrated crisis management. He has a background in finance, event management, corporate communication and digital marketing. At PM he specialises in acute crisis advice, strategic crisis communication, trainings and exercises, (sub)processes for crisis management and serious gaming simulations.

Fueled by his drive to have an impact on organisation’s crisis preparedness and society’s resilience, Robbert is an author and frequent lecturer in the broad domains of risk, crisis and change. In the past he lectured at organisations and academic institutions such as Antwerp Management School, the Business Continuity Institute, University of Leuven, University of Hasselt and more.

Being an avid believer in blended learning through gaming, Robbert developed the Zombie Game and Calamity Cards, both interactive serious games on crisis management and crisis communication.

Robbert is a certified digital marketeer and is a member of the CIP Institute and the European Roller Coaster Club. He loves amusement parks, Formula 1, running and American football. In 2021 he became a member of IAAPA, the International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association. 

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PM makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage and learn from disruptive events. We provide consultancy, training, acute support and research in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

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