CrisisSuite crisis software

The right info at the right time

You do everything in your power to prevent your organisation from unwanted events happening. You write plans, you educate people, you train and you exercise. But then it happens. The organisation is under pressure, the situation changes every minute and uncertainty is ubiquitous. Crisis mode!

Everywhere in your organisation, people are doing their best to limit the consequences. How do you ensure that you stay on top of the situation? How do you alert and inform all those involved timely and adequately? How do you keep an overview of the decisions made and actions taken?

CrisisSuite is online software (SaaS) from Merlin that helps you to limit the consequences of a crisis. PM • Risk Crisis Change is Merlin’s partner for consultancy, integration and training in Belgium.

With CrisisSuite:

You maintain an overview of the crisis and your response to it at all times
You manage people with on-call roles
You are able to notify and activate large groups of people via text message, phone, email or the CrisisSuite App
You keep crisis and continuity plans always within reach
You log in a fast and efficient manner
You delegate actions and follow up on them easily
You generate situation reports and share them with stakeholders
You save all the information that is necessary for a thorough evaluation
You access the CrisisSuite app on all mobile devices

Some cases:

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