Not having a clear picture on your crisis preparedness status can be detrimental when a crisis situation inevitably arises. But how to assess crisis preparedness? Where does your organisation stand? What are the various crisis preparedness activities? Where are all your training and exercises heading to, and do those actually boost crisis preparedness? But most importantly: what should you do more of and what can you do better?

PM’s Crisis Preparedness Scan helps you gain a common outlook and understand your level of crisis preparedness. Based on both qualitative and quantitative methods, document research, observations and other data, the scan leads to informed recommendations, priorities, milestones and a concrete detailed roadmap to better prepare your organisation for disruption. Our scan ensures you focus on what matters most and helps you spend your time, resources and people in the most effective way.

PM’s Crisis Preparedness Scan encompasses domains such as performance management, crisis management, change management, risk management, paradoxical leadership, learning and development, and more.

Data gathering

We build a common information outlook with your (crisis) management team.

Data processing

We label, process and cross-reference data, resulting in highly actionable advice.

Informed decisions

We prioritise objectives and plan for enhancing your organisational resilience.

What to expect?

Qualitative data gathering

A series of in-depth, one-hour talks with key people within your (crisis) organisation will give us the precise insights we need for further steps.

Document analysis

Analysis of relevant related crisis documentation and loggings to deepen the understanding of the decision making process.

Quantitative data gathering

We deepen our understanding by disseminating a survey to a accurately defined population, mostly people that play a role within your crisis organisation.

Thorough data processing

PM labels and processes all data according to the PM Crisis Framework. The result gets visualised as a roadmap with actionable advice.

Intermediate feedback session

During a pragmatic advisory session with the interviewees we discuss the roadmap and elaborate on the major and minor milestones.

Hands-on roadmap

The end result is a concrete and hands-on roadmap, in which the prioritised next steps to improve your crisis preparedness and resilience in an efficient and effective way are reflected.