Meet our freelancers

Specific problems require specific competences to deal with them. At PM we brought together a network of seasoned crisis specialists with different areas of expertise. The PM freelancers are involved in our training and consulting activities, both for open training on the PM Academy or in-company training, and are often called upon during acute crisis activations of our team.

Luc Claessens

Luc Claessens

Advisor & trainer

+32 497 49 92 19

Luc works as crisis consultant and trainer, mainly in the non-profit sector. As a trainer for the PM Academy he supports courses in crisis management and communication.

Matthias Tindemans


Matthias is Infantry Officer at Belgian Defence, Researcher and Consultant on crisis management with specific interest in security, resilience, leadership and crisis.

Maud Losfeld


Maud works as a media education coordinator and is project coordinator at Province of Hainaut

Steven van den Oord

Senior Researcher

Steven is a reseacher at Avans Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Avans University of Applied Sciences and focusses on organisation- and networktheory.

Nils Vandenbroucke


Nils work as a clinical psychologist and therapist specialized in trauma and relief after traumatic events.

Koen Van Praet


Koen is a clinical psychologist who has accumulated in-depth expertise on psycho-trauma and the impact of critical incidents on those affected as well as psycho-social service providers.

Pieter Bacx


+32 476 84 88 30

As a prevention advisor, firefighter trainer and intervention leader of public firefighter services, Pieter is an expert on handling incidents and crisis situations from the first notification to the crisis management team.


Pieter Maes


Pieter works as a firefighter and focusses on strengthening the skills of every firefighter to improve safety during every intervention.