Our products and services, designed to be seamlessly implemented by you.

Introducing Licensing Options

Our knowledge, methodologies, frameworks, services, and products are universally applicable and can be adapted to any situation. We have a proven track record of assisting individuals, teams, and organizations in preparing for and managing crises.

Now, we are pleased to offer limited licensing options for our services and products. Whether you’re looking to incorporate our practices into your organization or seeking to utilize our methods to grow your business as a consulting agency, a PM license is the ideal solution for you.

Interested in exploring how our licensing could benefit you?

Available Licenses

The following services and products are available through licensing:

Zombie Game

The Zombie Game is the ultimate simulation game for crisis management. Whether you’re looking to increase awareness, train your crisis teams, or assess your organization’s crisis management capabilities, the Zombie Game is an essential in your toolbox.

Calamity Cards

Get a fast and frequent reality check with Calamity Cards! Our unique tool is the perfect solution for hosting various crisis workshops. Build custom crisis scenarios and evaluate your organization’s preparedness for unexpected events with ease using Calamity Cards.

Stress Game

Our upcoming Stress Game is designed to teach individuals and teams how to effectively cope with both acute and chronic stress. Discover your triggers, test your coping mechanisms, and learn how to talk about your mental state in a fun and engaging way.

Coming Soon

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    Licensing benefits

    PM licenses have numerous benefits, including:

    ✅ Proven methodologies

    Our licensed products and services have been successfully implemented in hundreds of organizations across various industries.

    ✅ Competitive advantage

    Ready to start strong? License our products and services, developed over nearly 20 years, and gain an edge over your competitors.

    ✅ Clear agreements

    We work closely with our partners to understand their needs, and our licensing contract clearly outlines the parameters of our agreement.

    ✅ Invaluable support

    Licensing our products and services helps us make a greater impact. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your success.

    Licensing process

    Our licensing process is designed to get you up to speed in no time.


    We are strategically expanding our partner network. Our first step is to conduct an assessment to ensure that our licensing is a perfect fit for your organization – and vice versa.