Calamity Cards

Your fast and frequent reality check

Your organisation may not be as risk-aware and crisis-ready as you would like. Nevertheless, your team has the desire to prepare itself better for crises. You notice that a large-scale crisis exercise is not enough, despite the fact that many colleagues put a lot of energy into it. You know what is needed: talking more about risks and crises with the people in your team, practising more, simulating more, having more “what if” conversations, testing more, preparing more, evaluating more and making adjustments. Nevertheless, it seems like the activities that should prepare your organisation for a crisis are never a priority.

Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

Calamity Cards (©) generates a unique scenario for you that your team may not immediately think about, but that can affect your organisation at any time. The cards are ideal for setting up instructive crisis simulations. Results guaranteed!

PM Calamity Cards
Calamity Cards

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The brochure covers game objectives, inspiration for session types and more.

    How to play the game

    Determine your objectives

    First choose one or more objectives for your Calamity Cards session. What do you want to achieve? Make sure to take into account the available time and the number of participants.

    PM Calamity Cards

    Draw two cards

    Your first card is a scenario card, with a colourful character on the front side. This card sets the scene of a workplace incident or crisis situation. To add randomness and extra complexity, draw a context card, with the Calamity Cards logo on the front side. Combine both cards and apply the scenario to your context.

    Pro tip: if you are feeling ambitious, we challenge you to draw extra context cards!

    Reach your objectives

    The scene is set and the scenario is on the table. Now it is time for the fun part. Try to reach your objectives as a team: see if your crisis plans hold up, if you can reach key people within your organisation or draft a reflex communication.

    Repeat if needed

    The scenarios are truly limitless. Draw new cards and continue, or store your set of Calamity Cards until next time!

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