Zombie Game Simulation

Imagine the following scenario. Multiple zombie outbreaks unleash havoc across the world. Our planet’s largest cities have been immobilised and large groups of dangerous zombie creatures pose unforeseen threats to everything we all hold dear. Our future and legacy are at stake. Luckily, NATO member states have been preparing to battle a scenario like this: armies dispatch highly specialised troops to pin down zombie groups, communications specialists do their best to inform citizens and crisis managers in the war room have to make sure their values and strategic goals are aligned with everyone involved.

The Zombie Game is the most interactive serious game on crisis management, and it is the only serious game to integrate core principles of operational crisis response, strategic crisis management and crisis communications. It offers all organisations, teams and individuals a unique way of exploring elements of crisis management, no matter the level of experience. With minor changes to the game setting, a Zombie Game session can be held as a teambuilding, a part of a larger crisis training or even an executive session exploring themes like strategic intent and tactical planning. One thing is certain: a Zombie Game session has a lasting impression on whomever who gets to play, forever changing the way they view crisis.

Several organisations have had the opportunity to experience a Zombie Game session, including:

    • Web communication teams from the European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium)
    • Business Unit Executive Education at Antwerp Management School (Antwerp, Belgium)
    • Bachelor’s students at Howest University College (Kortrijk, Belgium)
    • Executive MBA students from Lingnan (University) College (Lingnan, China)
    • Attendees for the Project Management Conference 2019 in ThinkTIC (Logroño, Spain)

Curious to see how your organisation would cope with a zombie outbreak – and what you would learn from it?

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PM Zombie Crisis Game
PM Zombie Crisis Game
PM Zombie Crisis Game

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