Crisis? We really don’t have time for that!

Your organisation may not be as risk-aware and crisis-ready as you wish. Nevertheless, your team has the desire to prepare itself better for crises. You notice that a large-scale crisis exercise is not enough, despite the fact that many colleagues put a lot of energy into it. You know what is needed though: talking more about risks and crises with the people in your team, practising more, simulating more, having more “what if” conversations, testing more, preparing more, evaluating more and making adjustments. Nevertheless, it seems like the activities that have to prepare your organisation for a crisis are never a priority. Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

This card game generates a unique scenario for you that your team may not immediately think about, but that can affect your organisation at any time. The cards are ideal for setting up instructive crisis simulations. Results guaranteed!

Download the Calamity Cards standard presentation

The rules are simple: there are no rules, only guidelines.

1️⃣ Determine the objectives and the setting of the session. Place the two stacks of cards face up on the table. (See presentation for possible Calamity Cards sessions.)

2️⃣ The one deck of cards (with the people on the back) are the scenario cards. These are 52 events that can affect your organisation.

3️⃣ The second stack of cards (with the logo on the back) are the context cards. These are 52 additional complications in addition to the basic cards.

4️⃣ Take one card from each stack. These two cards make up your scenario. The unpredictability in the combination of cards is often lifelike. Do both cards not really fit together? Then take a different context card.

5️⃣ Refine the scenario so that it fits the context of your organisation. Start!

6️⃣ Continue until the objectives of the session have been achieved. Of course you can play as long as you want or you can play multiple scenarios one after the other.

Tip: Have you played the game several times in different settings? Make the scenario extra spicy by adding a second context card.

Interested in hosting a Calamity Cards session – or in need of inspiration for types of sessions?

Download the presentation

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