Our team members

Our core team consists of seasoned crisis experts who often find themselves in the frontline during crisis. Additionally, we can rely on a broad network of people with specific competences and experience, such as the PM Faculty members.

Team Hugo Marynissen

Hugo Marynissen

Senior Partner

+32 473 89 42 60

Team Stijn Pieters

Stijn Pieters

Managing Partner

+32 479 95 01 46

Team Robbert Meulemeester

Robbert Meulemeester

Senior Advisor & Trainer

+32 479 73 82 79

Team Julien Draillard Losada

Julien Draillard Losada

Senior Advisor & Trainer

Team Steven van den Oord

Steven van den Oord

Senior Researcher

Team Senne Keuppens

Senne Keuppens

Junior Consultant & Trainer