At PM we firmly believe in gaming simulation as an alternative way of learning about risk, crisis and change. To provide organisations with a fun, accessible and effective way of preparing for crisis, we have developed a brand new card game: Calamity Cards.

Calamity Cards generates a unique scenario that organisations may not immediately think about, but that can affect them at any time. Perfect for setting up instructive crisis simulations, such as:

  • validating crisis plans
  • testing notification processes
  • sharpening strategic reflexes
  • planning large crisis exercises and simulations

Thanks to its simple premise, its attractive design and its versatility, our Calamity Cards have quickly become one of our client’s favorite tools to promote conversations about crisis management and communication. Our advisors always carry a copy and frequently use the cards as a tool during all kinds of crisis trainings and exercises. 

Interested in our Calamity Cards and its possibilities? 
Read more about the game
Download the Calamity Cards presentation (PDF)
Contact the PM team

Calamity Cards would not have seen the light of day without Zwoltopia (who created our characters and did all illustrations) and Jonas from Brandstof Studio (who made the pictures). Thanks!

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