Acute crisis consulting

A crisis often comes unexpectedly to the whole or a part of your organisation. Many of our clients notice a shortage in resources and specific competences during these uncertain and stressful times. With one phone call, our clients can activate one advisor for a chat or PM’s entire capacity, networks and competences. PM immediately becomes a supporting part of your organisation when you need us the most.

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I am currently facing a crisis

Reach out to us at +32 479 112 112 if it is urgent. We will ask you some questions to assess the situation for a possible involvement. Ask us to call you via if your timetable is more flexible.

I am looking for a partner in crisis

Our award-winning Quick Launch formula gives you additional reassurance for when life becomes chaotic and complex. Have PM on speed dial for a maximum of our efforts and a minimum of yours.

Acute crisis consulting

Acute crisis support is what we do best and being there for you when you need us is what matters most. Our Quick Launch formula is an on-call service for possible threats, incidents or crisis situations you may face in the future. Clients engaged in PM’s Quick Launch agreement receive priority and significant advantages. According to your specific needs, PM offers immediate remote support, reinforcement of capacity on location, a strategic soundboard and tactical advice on the domains of international crisis governance, crisis management, crisis communication, emergency management and incident handling.

Some examples of the numerous cases during which we provided acute crisis consulting services:


Brussels Attacks on the 22nd of March

Derailing train filled with a chemical substance

Explosion of a high pressure gas pipe

Food recalls

Floods and storms

Fire in a nuclear reactor

Soil and groundwater contamination

Plastic waste in waterways

Intentional physical harm and murder


Terror level 4 during the Brussels Lockdown

Wide spread cyber attacks

Major layoffs and social unrest

Tax evasion (such as Panama Papers)

Acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcy

Bribing of government officials

Blackmailing campaigns

Protests against management and board

Financial fraud such as phishing

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Immediate availability of the PM capacity and competences

One yearly meeting (2 hours) with your PM contact

Advantages at events organised by PM

Quick scan of your relevant crisis documentation

Short availability tests by PM on regular basis

Constant online press and social media monitoring

Remote black site on secure servers

Free basic courses on PM Academy on a yearly basis


Free After Action Review after crisis