Tools for Crisis Management

Actively involved in the mitigation of numerous critical crises, we developed several methodologies to cope with stressful situations and provide different tools to prepare organisations for these uncertain events. Based on internal and external knowledge and hands on experience, we created a toolbox which we offer our clients. The CIP Simulator is PM’s flagship in the wide range of tools we provide.

Our team designs training sessions to simulate severe stressful circumstances, as we know this drives the best learning experiences. To simulate distress among well-trained crisis teams, with the aim of increasing the learning experiences, we include all necessary stakeholders in the field. However, to diminish undesired costs linked to training sessions and exercises we developed the CIP Simulator. The CIP Simulator is an online training platform that simulates the flow of information during a crisis. The information flux is easy to automate or entered in real-time.

In addition to the CIP Simulator we offer a mobile application that manages crisis plans and vital contact lists. As a result, your crisis management team always has the most recent and easy to access information to the crisis management plan at its fingertips.

CIP Simulator – Crisis Simulation Platform

The CIP Simulator, developed by PM, is an online exercise environment that uses multimedia techniques to confront crisis teams in a realistic way with evolving crisis scenarios. The same tool also provides a closed exercise platform for disseminating simulated online communication by crisis teams, e.g. website, social media, webcare, etc. The CIP Simulator is not exclusively for PM clients. If you are interested in a reseller formula, do not hesitate to contact us.

PM CIP Simulator

Templates & Checklists

The PM team has been actively involved in responding to numerous crises and critical issues. Over time, we developed our own toolkit with practical templates and checklists. Improving the efficiency of crisis response, each of these tools potentially improves better decision making and follow up in your crisis management, crisis communication and crisis operations in the field.

PM templates & checklists

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