Standby, alerting and thematic logging: newest updates to the CrisisSuite software

CrisisSuite crisis software updates

Merlin has recently released significant updates to their CrisisSuite software package, which is designed to assist organisations in managing crises by supporting information management and other crisis-related processes such as alerting. Here are some of the key updates:

  • The latest update allows for the relay of phone calls to a dedicated phone number for a standby service. For example, a crisis communication team comprising ten members with one person always on-call can now receive urgent calls directed to the designated on-call member. The update also makes it easier to transfer on-call duties to a colleague in the event of an urgent matter.
  • Another update allows functional testing of alerting procedures without actually notifying individuals. At the conclusion of the test, a report highlights if the test was successful or if errors caused a partial or complete failure. This is an additional benefit to the alerting module, which is increasingly being used by healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.

CrisisSuite functional alerting

  • It is now possible to connect the MS Teams environment of your organisation to CrisisSuite. This enables crisis team members to meet quickly in a Teams environment to assess a threat or crisis. It also facilitates the scheduling of crisis meetings within the logging module.
  • The recent update has enabled trained crisis team members to use themes in the logbook, allowing log lines to be categorized as for example ‘HR’ or ‘Supply chain’, thus promoting thematic thinking. This feature is particularly useful during the crisis meeting’s orientation phase.
  • Finally, CrisisSuite can now be customised to your company’s style by incorporating your logo, company colors, and fonts, making all of the above possible within your own environment.

CrisisSuite stylingIf you are interested in how CrisisSuite can benefit your crisis teams, please contact us for a free demo.

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