Serious Games

Being avid believers in blended learning and, more specifically, learning through gaming, PM has developed several unique serious games on crisis management and crisis communications. Our serious games receive praise from researchers and practitioners around the world. As stand-alone events or as a part of a larger trajectory, they make complex theoretical concepts and organisational challenges more tangible, discussable and digestible.

The Zombie Game is the most interactive serious game on crisis management, and it is the only serious game to integrate core principles of operational crisis response, strategic crisis management and crisis communications. It offers all organisations, teams and individuals a unique way of exploring elements of crisis management, no matter the level of experience. With minor changes to the game setting, a Zombie Game session can be held as a teambuilding, a part of a larger crisis training or even an executive session exploring themes like strategic intent and tactical planning. One thing is certain: a Zombie Game session has a lasting impression on whomever who gets to play, forever changing the way they view crisis.

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Calamity Cards

Calamity Cards is a low-threshold card game that generates a unique scenario for you that your team may not immediately think about, but that can affect your organisation at any time. The cards are ideal for setting up instructive crisis simulations or interactive open talks about unwanted events. The game is developed to make your teams talk more about risks and crises with the people in your team, practising more, simulating more, having more “what if” conversations, testing more, preparing more, evaluating more… All in one short and snappy Calamity Cards gaming session.

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