PM’s Quick Launch

A crisis often comes unexpectedly to the whole or a part of your organisation. Many of our clients notice a shortage in resources and specific competences during these uncertain and stressful times. With one phone call our clients activate one advisor for a chat or PM’s entire capacity, networks and competences. PM immediately becomes a supporting part of their organisation. 

Clients engaged in PM’s Quick Launch agreement receive absolute priority and significant advantages. According to the specific needs, PM offers immediate remote support, reinforcement of capacity on location, a strategic soundboard and tactical advice on the domains of international crisis governance, crisis management, crisis communication, emergency management and incident handling.

PM’s award-winning Quick Launch gives your organisation additional reassurance for when life becomes chaotic and complex. Have PM on speed dial for a maximum of our efforts and a minimum of yours.

Call +32 479 112 112 or reach out to one of our advisors. Feel free to submit a preferable meeting time via the form below.

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    The most asked for services within PM’s Quick Launch agreement include:

    • strategic soundboarding
    • facilitating crisis processes
    • PR and crisis communication strategy
    • sentiment and perception analysis
    • execution of the crisis communication strategy

    Partner Stijn Pieters co-authored an in-depth article on how to transform conversations into crisis strategies.


    Minimal requirements

    PM’s advisors familiarise themselves with your organisation and prepare thoroughly for when you need them.


    All information regarding services and pricing is included in a standard information bundle.

    Wherever, whenever

    PM is a flexible team ready to support you at all times, either on location or remotely.

    Choose Your Contract 

    PM Quick Launch is a pragmatic, no-nonsense and low-threshold agreement. PM offers a standard contract and an advanced contract which include the most frequently requested additional services and products. Feel free to request a tailor-made offer.



    Immediate availability of the PM capacity and competences

    One yearly meeting (2 hours) with your PM contact

    Advantages at events organised by PM

    Quick scan of your relevant crisis documentation

    Short availability tests by PM on regular basis

    Constant online press and social media monitoring

    Remote black site on secure servers

    Free use of the CIP Simulator® at trainings and exercises

    PM makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage and learn from disruptive events. We provide consultancy, training, acute support and research in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

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