Programs and Trainings

During in-company training sessions or long-term crisis preparedness programs, PM teaches crisis teams relevant and necessary theoretical and practical insights as well as practical processes and useful skills. In all our activities we share, apply and train robust methodologies, techniques and skills.

We pursue crisis preparedness activities that are in perfect balance with the needs of crisis teams. Organisations can organise a stand-alone training or short program to address its immediate needs. On the other hand, we are specialised in organising out long-term programs within our clients’ organisations to grow their preparedness step by step. Often a follow-up on the Crisis Resilience Scan, long-term programs involve the entire crisis organisation to work on their knowledge, processes and skills in the most efficient way.

All of our training sessions have a strong emphasis on informed decision making under uncertainty, meeting techniques under pressure, coordination tempo, information flow management, sentiment & perception analysis and media handling. Tailor-made and practical oriented, our training sessions are always led by highly experienced advisers with relevant experience in the field.

Some of our possible training sessions include:

  • Basic and Advanced Courses on crisis operations, crisis governance, crisis communication, crisis management, perception analysis, crisis intelligence, specific skill sets related to the crisis subfields, etc.
  • Media Trainings, led by two PM advisors with a strong background in crisis communications and journalism, and a camera man.
  • Master Classes or Expert Classes, where our team gives your organisation insights and resources on crisis management and its subfields. Aiming for a balance between academia and practice, our team can invite international experts from the PM network.
  • Various types of trainings combined with crisis exercises or simulations, or even Serious Gaming sessions.

Improve your organisation’s crisis preparedness dramatically with a PM training or a long-term program


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Prepared for your next crisis? — PM makes organisations more resilient by preparing them to manage crisis situations. We provide consultancy, training, advice and support in all stages of the crisis timeline: before, during and after.

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