Crisis Resilience Scan

PM has developed the Crisis Resilience Scan to provide an overview of your present level of organisational resilience. Based on the results of a mapping of the crisis plans, processes, team capacities and capabilities, the audited organisation knows exactly how to prioritise time, effort and budget.

Based on empirical analysis of the applied Crisis Resilience Scan, the organisation will be able to efficiently initiate the further development of its crisis plans, training sessions and development of crisis tools. After the Crisis Resilience Scan the organisation can decide on which priorities to engage in to build readiness and preparedness. Instead of trusting your gut feeling, following the fad of the month or just complying with regulators, a true and fair decision making process based on actual data is applied within the organisation.

PM constructed the Crisis Resilience Scan, together with The Binding Energy, on ten parameters with over a hundred sub parameters in a standardised analysis methodology. Our researchers map and evaluate the level of managerial, technical and communicational pre-crisis & resilience levels within the whole organisation.

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