PM Welcomes Julien and Mike to the Team!

We continue making international roster moves! To continue providing our range of services to a growing amount of clients, we recently welcomed Julien Draillard Losada and Dr. Mike Lauder to our team. Their knowledge and expertise will help us to keep delivering the high-value advices and impactful crisis preparedness projects our clients praise us for, in Belgium and abroad. In this blog, Mike and Julien briefly introduce themselves.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself?

Julien: I am just a young man who’s trying to survive in a chaotic world! Born in France, I lived a big part of my life in Lyon, but I am also very attached to my Spanish origins. I have a background in law and politics. During my academic formation I gained interest in two main areas: crisis management and European policy. After my graduation I began to work within the European institutions as a parliamentary assistant at the French MEP Françoise Grossetête at the European Parliament. Then I turned to the private sector and worked for Animal Health Europe, an organization based in Brussels promoting the European veterinary industry. Meanwhile I was able to pursue my interest for crisis management by preparing crisis simulations at the LyonMUN (Model United Nation). This is an NGO organizing international simulations for the United Nations committees.

Mike: I am a scholar-practitioner who looks to help practitioner benefit from the knowledge generated within academia. After thirty years as a practitioner (starting as a military engineer and latterly as a risk management and logistics consultant), I morphed into a scholar 10 years ago. My research focuses on how we think (or more often don’t think) about the downsides of life; this refers to the things we don’t want to happen while we pursue our goals in life.

What specific areas of crisis management or crisis communications are you most interested in?

Mike: My specific area of interest is how we may best prepare ourselves and our organisation to face potential crises. I am interested in how we think about the crises (and other such disasters) and how our mindset affects the way we think and act. In my work I contrast the Perfect World with the Normal Chaos paradigms and help people to understand how best to use each.

Julien: I am mainly interested in the preparation of crisis trainings and in acute crisis support. I’m also interested in the role of crisis management in specific sectors and industries like food, energy, pharma and manufacturing.

What will you be working on at/for PM?

Julien: As a PM advisor, I will be providing crisis management and crisis communication advice and trainings to clients. My task will also be to work on projects with PM’s French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and international clients. Last but not least, I will support to the CIP institute to promote its work and activities.

Mike: I will be working with PM to enhance its offering that helps clients understand the origins of crises and what they can do to make their lives easier should such an event befall them. More specifically I will look to bring in a range of frameworks and tools that will help PM’s clients make sense of the world around them. These instruments provide clearer ideas about the structures (such as Disaster Incubation Theory) and patterns (such as “fantasy documents” and “recovery windows”) where energy turns into crises (such as a public outrage).

We believe Mike and Julien will make great contributions to our team and the value we deliver. We’re looking forward to these collaborations and I’m sure you will meet Julien or Mike soon!


About the author
Stijn Pieters is a crisis strategist who specialises in risk and crisis management for companies and governments. He is co-founder and managing partner of PM and co-founder of the CIP Institute.

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