On-call duty, archiving and more: 5 new key features in CrisisSuite

Recently our Friends at Merlin rolled out a series of new features in CrisisSuite. We are thrilled to see CrisisSuite now offers even more possibilities to support organisations’ crisis processes. Let us give you a quick rundown of our favourite new features.

Archive crisis logs as PDF

It is now possible to download a chronological version of your logs as a PDF or Excel. Ideal for after action reviews or debriefings.

Users can export logs in the logging interface…

…or from the crisis module

Implement on-call shifts

CrisisSuite offers an extensive notification module, allowing users to quickly activate or inform crisis team members or other people inside or outside the organisation. It is now also possible to integrate on-call shifts. Imagine that your organisation has 10 people to staff a crisis team, but only 3 of them are on-call today, CrisisSuite can now prioritise on-call team members in notification.

New and improved incident module

CrisisSuite considers incidents as unwanted events that do not require intervention from the crisis teams yet. The software offers a comprehensive incident module. Recently the entire module has been updated. It is now possible to update your initial report, provide status updates, assign to do’s, attach files or start a notification straight from the incident module.

Three crisis phases: pre, during and post

When creating a crisis, users now have the possibility to select 3 phases: preparation, crisis or follow-up. Of course it is possible to request additional phases to be added to your specific environment based on your use case.

Attach files to actions

It is easy to assign tasks to other team members in CrisisSuite, either during logging or immediately after an incident report or notification. Users can now also add attachments to tasks, for example a picture or a confirmation email.

About CrisisSuite

Unwanted events require organisations to temporarily restructure to deal with whatever is happening. Often times, the crisis response structure consists of multiple teams, on multiple levels, each handling a part of the problem. Coordination and information flow is key. Merlin’s CrisisSuite software by Merlin helps organisations’ information management, as well as logging, task follow-up and more. PM is the preferred partner from CrisisSuite for the representation, implementation and training for CrisisSuite in Belgium.


Keen to learn more? Read more about CrisisSuite or contact Robbert for a demo.

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