Mike Lauder

Dr. Mike Lauder is advisor at PM Risk-Crisis-Change.
In this blog post, Mike briefly introduces himself and discusses the projects he is developing with PM.

Mike started his working life as a military engineer and served in the British Army for over 20 years. During this time, he experienced the practical issues involved in risk management and crisis planning firsthand. While his work included project management (both in engineering and procurement), corporate planning and process design, the majority of his career focused on explosive ordnance disposal work, in which good risk management became a very personal issue. Lauder holds a Business Doctorate from the Cranfield University School of Management. He has published multiple books and research papers on risk governance and crisis management practices and is also as a visiting professor at Antwerp Management School and Cranfield University School of Management. He is currently the managing director of Alto42 Ltd. [United Kingdom]


CIP Institute and Normal Chaos

Mike is one of the founding members of CIP Institute. He gave a keynote at our 2014 International CIP Conference in Brussels and co-organised several workshops on Normal Chaos in this Conference’s editions 2015 untill 2018.

Recent publications:

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