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Kim De Raedt

Kim De Raedt is crisis advisor and strategist at PM • Risk Crisis Change who specialises in crisis communication. With a background in both media and government, Kim gained tremendous experience in communication, with a clear focus on editorial work, advice on media mix/content planning and crisis trainings over the past years.

At PM, Kim specialises in acute crisis advice, trainings and workshops about the Work Process Crisis Communication and its sub-processes and crisis exercises in general. Having been a journalist for a well-known newspaper, Kim is our authority when it comes to all-inclusive and realistic media trainings as well.

Knowing she can pass on her knowledge about crisis management and crisis communication to make organisations and the society more resilient for crises to come is the main reason why Kim became a crisis advisor. It’s also why she’s a guest lecturer at academic institutions such as Campus Vesta and an active member of TeamD5, the Federal Belgian Crisis Communication Team that assists local authorities in analysing information needs of the population, giving communication advice, writing press releases, etc. As a voluntary TeamD5 member, Kim was also involved in the communication of the Federal Crisis Centre during the corona crisis.

In addition to her predilection for all things crisis-related, Kim also loves her two children and her favourite hobby, scuba diving. So it is fair to say Kim knows how to keep her cool at all times!

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