Celebrating the return of in-person events at the IAAPA conference

Last week PM attended the IAAPA expo and conference in Barcelona. IAAPA (the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) represents the attractions industry, including theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, manufacturers, suppliers and more. We had a great time and are very grateful for all the new people we got to meet.

Highlights of our week in Barcelona include meeting new people within the industry (you know who you are!), a fantastic opening reception at the Tibidabo amusement park overlooking Barcelona, an inspiring keynote on how to grow during challenging times by dr. Rebecca Homkes and an informal session with industry CEO’s raising a glass to their mistakes.

Opening reception at Tibidabo
Keynote by dr. Rebecca Homkes
Manufacturers on the expo floor

In an industry where continuity is key, risks are ubiquitous, staff is (to a certain extent) seasonal and expectations of guests are higher than ever, PM offers services tailor-made to IAAPA members:

  • Training: Crisis management and crisis communication happens at the top of your organisation but also in the front line! PM is experienced in delivering hands-on crisis training for management teams, crisis teams and frontline workers. Trainings happen either in-person or in a hybrid and blended way through our PM Academy learning platform.
  • Exercises: Attractions host a series of exercises on a yearly basis, such as evacuation exercises. With the assistance of PM, you can turn operational exercises into a learning experience for all crisis teams. Add a management component to your exercise or immerse yourself in the scenario by having PM simulate press and social media.
  • Zombie Game: In the attraction industry everything is about experience. At PM we share that vision. Instead of a regular crisis training, why not experience what crisis management and crisis communication is all about in a way that will stick with you for years? Our Zombie Game offers participants the chance to explore fundamental principles and best practices of crisis management in the most unique way possible.
  • Incident management software: PM is certified reseller of the CrisisSuite crisis management software. CrisisSuite helps crisis teams with their information management. Tracking issues in your park? Reporting incidents in a structured way? Activating and mobilising your crisis teams when shit hits the fan? Logging during crisis meetings? CrisisSuite does it all – and more!

Interested in having a chat? Get in touch today.

Thank you to the entire IAAPA EMEA team for making this event happen. We look forward to next year, and cannot wait to meet more of you fellow IAAPA members in the meantime, somewhere around the world.

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