Crisis Intelligence

A highly innovative work area which aims at improving coordination and decision making during a crisis by turning large amounts of available raw data into a homogenous stream of situation specific intelligence.

Crisis Intelligence focuses on the vast amount of information released and exchanged during a crisis situation, while pivoting on strategic and systematic analysis based on the actual situation specific information needs. This happens by collecting data, analysing and evaluating information, and using relevant information extracted during this process, with the ultimate aim to continuously provide knowledge and insights necessary to diminish risks and uncertainties, to prevent further harm, and to support the decision making process.

Crisis Intelligence, a term coined by Tim Van Achte (PM) and Fire Commander Bert Brugghemans (Antwerp, Belgium), will eventually lead to less but more useful information in a critical decision making process.

Crisis Intelligence Manual

Learn how to turn data into intelligence and make sure you know what matters, when it matters
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