CIP Simulator

Our exercises and trainings have a strong emphasis on informed decision making under uncertainty, meeting techniques under pressure, tempo, information flow management, sentiment & perception analysis and media handling. Therefore it is essential to not only simulate the operational aspect of a crisis situation, but also the outside pressure created by press, other organisations and the general public.

The CIP Simulator, developed by PM for its preferred partners, is an online exercise environment that uses multimedia techniques to confront crisis teams in a realistic way with evolving crisis scenarios. The same tool also provides a closed exercise platform for disseminating simulated online communication by crisis teams, eg. website, social media, webcare, etc.

While the CIP Simulator is originally developed for exercises organised by PM, over the years some of our long term clients with higher frequency exercise programmes have succesfully organised their own exercises using this tool. If you are interested in setting up a project with PM on using the CIP Simulator for your own exercises, do not hesitate to contact us.

Curious to learn how your organisation’s exercises can benefit from our CIP Simulator?


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