For this guest post, Manu Steens from the Flemish Government shared a short piece with us. He has just written an interesting review of our latest book for Be Prepared, the leading Belgian magazine on emergency management published by Die Keure. The publisher granted us permission to provide the full version of his review (read further for link to PDF).

Manu is crisis manager at the ‘CCVO Department of Chancellary and Public Governance’ at the Flemish Government and project officer business continuity management. He frequently reviews books and shares relevant insights related to business contunity on his blog.


When in crisis, the main question for organisations is: what do you need to handle the situation thoroughly?


In this book, Stijn Pieters and Hugo Marynissen do a succesful attempt to give their contribution to the answer, with the small and large healthcare organization in mind. Even though there is no universal answer as to how crises are to be controlled, and a final ‘book on crisis management’ will never be written (after Nigel Lightfoot, CIP Conference, Brussels, 2014), this book gives an introduction to the topic, laced with examples from the healthcare sector.

Even though this book is written for healthcare organizations, the framework of the “golden triangle” behind it is rather universally applicable in crisis management. For this reason, this book should be studied by crisis managers, risk managers and business continuity managers as to implement a crisis response structure that everybody understands and can work together with.


Everyone here at PM would like to genuinely thank Manu for his book review and this guest blog post!

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Language: Dutch
Source: Be Prepared, issue 1/2018
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