Training & Exercises

During in-company training sessions and various types of exercises, PM teaches crisis teams relevant and necessary theoretical and practical insights. Occasionally we organise open training sessions, Master and Expert Classes.

We pursue crisis preparedness activities that are in perfect balance with the needs of crisis teams. In all our activities we share, apply and train robust methodologies, techniques and skills.

During our in-company training sessions for private and public organisations we provide and discuss relevant theoretical wisdom and practical knowledge in the broad field of crisis management. Our crisis preparedness training sessions have a strong emphasis on informed decision making under uncertainty, meeting techniques under pressure, co-ordinational tempo, information flow management, sentiment & perception analysis and media handling. Tailor-made and practical oriented, our training sessions are always led by highly experienced advisers with relevant experience in the field.

In the same spirit as our in-company training sessions, occasionally we organise Master and Expert Classes where we collaborate with international guest speakers to share and develop knowledge and insights in the broad field of crisis management and crisis communication.

At PM we have a passion for various types of exercises and simulations such as table top, sandbox, command post, field training and other tailor-made exercises. We developed a unique evaluation methodology aimed at getting more value out of these types of activities. Analysing the lessons learned in a structured way based on a set of parameters, this methodology helps organisations to define the right priorities and next steps from an after action review.


Crisis Training

Providing not merely our basic “Crisis Preparedness 101” training  sessions, we prefer to put together a tailor-made training applied to the needs and priorities of the organisation. Such training allows participants to pick up and discuss essential knowledge and processes about crisis management, crisis communication, crisis intelligence, cybercrime management, etc. Offering a well-balanced combination of theory and practice – including plenty of first hand experience and exercises – we contribute to your crisis preparedness by bringing key players in your crisis organisation up to date on crisis management. Building on theory and skills, our advisers can provide valuable practical frameworks, templates, online tools, resources and other materials. In this way, training allows crisis teams to build a common understanding and at the same time reach the necessary practical agreements.

Length: half or single day

Media Training

During a practical session dedicated to this important building block of crisis preparedness, we train and prepare participants to face and handle the media during smouldering and acute crises. Performing the various related tasks under difficult and uncertain conditions with unavoidable high levels of stress, participants learn the right techniques and a framework that helps them to draw up a strategy, align the story-approach with internal stakeholders and deliver meaningful messages to stakeholders and the press. In addition to individual results such as building self-confidence and improving one’s general media skills, a more common aim for this training is withstanding the pitfalls and taking the media circus into your own hands.

Length: half or single day

Master Class

In a dedicated course over several days, participants learn about the newest insights and resources in the crisis management domain or one of its subfields from an academic and/or practical angle. For each Master Class, a specific programme is put together, and includes international guest lecturers and experienced members of the PM team. We organise Master Classes in both open subscription form and in-company (with the possibility of a tailored programme).

Length: 3 or 4 days

Expert Class

Going into in-depth knowledge and experiences, participants explore high level insights about a specific function or task in crisis management and acquire the necessary skills to form high performance crisis teams. For each Expert Class, a specific programme is put together and includes international guest lecturers and experienced members of the PM team. We organise Expert Classes both in open subscription form and in-company (with the possibility of a tailored programme).

Length: 1 or 2 days


Improve your organisation's crisis preparedness dramatically with resilience training, simulations or field training exercises
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