In Januari 2018, two PM team members were invited by Think-TIC (“El Centro Nacional de Formación en Nuevas Tecnologías de La Rioja”) for talks on Normal Chaos and Crisis Management in Logroño, Spain.

Dealing with relevant questions such as:

  • What can organizations learn from crisis management?
  • Why should organizations learn from crisis management?
  • How to take advantage of crisis management practices?

in this session, they approached the field of crisis management and beyond. Not only did they discuss how crisis management best practices are key in critical situations, they also demonstrated how crisis management can support and enhance business performance by increasing organizational responsiveness and adaptability.



Hugo Marynissen started the session by taking the participants into the mindblowing world of #NormalChaos:

From inertia to action. How to integrate crisis management in your day-to-day business?


Stijn Pieters took over and talked about:

Crisis intelligence. How to build solid communication strategies from informal conversations?

In the picture, Stijn introduces one of our crucial concepts in crisis management: the golden triangle.


At this session, Stijn and Hugo took the opportunity to announce the upcoming 5th conference of CIP Institute where a lot of keynotes and workshops around similar topics will be presented. After conferences in Lisbon, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels, our 2018 conference will take place in Madrid.




Stijn Pieters is a crisis strategist who specializes in risk and crisis management for companies and governments. He is co-founder and managing partner of PM and co-founder of the CIP Institute.