To provide a realistic environment in which organisations can veraciously apply resilience principles and test crisis processes; this has always been a number one priority of PM, particularly in our crisis simulations. Last summer, our developer Tim (yes, this is a tool we develop ‘in house’!) worked hard on getting our crisis exercise platform CIP Simulator ready for another massive series of crisis workshops and exercises that this software is going to facilitate this year.

Over the years we have made this online tool a core component of most of our services. Awareness sessions, table tops, all kinds of trainings, any type of crisis exercise, remote drills, challenging operational simulations, all of them are supported in one way or another by the platform. The main reason why we put efforts into this tool: providing an automated feed of inserts during an (simulated) escalating situation gives our consultants the freedom to focus on what they love: to make observations, recommendations and to provide advice, guidance, tips and tricks in real time, based on the performance and shown skills of the exercise participants, these poor chaps who must muddle through a well staged mayhem of complex circumstances and events.

We’re also glad to be able to share this tool with our clients, partners and colleagues in the crisis management and business continuity field. Platform access to other interested parties is an achievement we are very proud of because we firmly believe this contributes to better resilience. Over the last years we have set up numerous partnerships. But this comes with added responsibilities: each one of these consultancy firms, governments, emergency services and other organisations relies on us to provide and maintain a platform that is user friendly as well as high performant, robust, bug free and highly secure.

Therefore, each year we dedicate parts of July, August and December to invest in the technical development and maintenance of our beloved CIP Simulator. Flexible as he is, Tim turns from crisis advisor into the role of a hard core ‘techie’ and dives deep into:

  • resolving all kinds of technical issues that have emerged,
  • developing new valuable features requested by the users,
  • upgrading backend systems to the latest security standards.
  • optimizing databases, rapidly growing with simulated tweets and other posts by the thousands,
  • back-upping exercises in such a way that their materials can be re-used within the scenario library, while keeping into account the original exercise’s confidentiality.

New clients and users are welcomed on the simulation platform every week. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more. We gladly give you more information. For an introduction you can start here.


I'm a crisis adviser, researcher and developer at PM specialised in crisis management, crisis intelligence, sentiment analysis and crisis simulations. I'm involved in several research projects such as the EU-funded E2mC project. I'm also co-founder of CIP Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to the field of crisis.