CIP Institute

The CIP Institute is a non-profit organisation that brings together scientists and practitioners from various disciplines in an inspiring and innovative platform to exchange and develop knowledge about the Complex and Interactive Processes (CIP) in the field of crisis. It was founded in 2013 and three of its founders are PM team members. The CIP Institute currently groups more than 50 members from 8 countries worldwide.

Passionately involved as members of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and several working groups, we contributed to organising four conferences with the Institute in:

  • Lisbon in 2017 (collaboration with University of Lisbon)
  • Antwerp in 2016 (collaboration with Antwerp Management School)
  • Amsterdam in 2015 (collaboration with University of Amsterdam)
  • Brussels in 2014 (collaboration with Erasmus University College Brussels)

In 2018 CIP Institute will organise its fifth conference in Madrid.

If you are active in crisis management and are eager to exchange insights with knowledgeable peers on a global scale, giving shape to the future of our work domain, we encourage you to explore the possibility of joining the CIP Institute and attending one of our activities!

More information can be found on the CIP Institute website


As a real facilitator for crisis experts to exchange knowledge and insights, this initiative is for you!
Join the CIP Institute
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